Accents and Aperture

Searching hard for the beauty I know can be found.

Can I Just Say I’m Another Year Wiser?

I love birthdays. I’m gonna go ahead and claim that MY birthday is the best birthday, but don’t get me wrong, I like yours too! There’s something about every single … Continue reading

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Dana Chinn Lecture Summary

In the new age of media, the audience controls the market. The biggest improvement many news industries can make is to start paying attention to big data, especially the relevant … Continue reading

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News Consumption Diary

Maya Getter’s News Consumption Diary for April 7th-9th    

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What Ronda Taught Me

  I am not outdoorsy. I think mosquitos are natures worst creation. I am actually afraid of squirrels and raccoons. I keep a garden in the summer, but only tend … Continue reading

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Why I’ve Decided to Do What I Love

From a young age, maybe 5 or so, I remember hearing polar opposite career advice. Handed to me, without prompting, from two people very close to my heart came the … Continue reading

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Parks and Poems//Parques y Poemas

Here’s to the beginning of my photographic map! In June, I said I wanted to start making multimedia of my travels in the next year. This park, El Parque de … Continue reading

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Why It’s OK to Breakdown Over Hair

Spain is my favorite country other than the states. With paella, siesta, and cheek kisses to say hello, what’s there not to love? I was totally on an “ME ENCANTA … Continue reading

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